About us


The Waiigo was born 5 years ago in a hospital. María José, who is the actual designer of the covers, has to use up to four ostomy bags at once; two urostomy bags and two colostomy bags. However, she never gave up. She found a way to make the burden bearable: she refused to change her dressing style, her habits and her life.

María José took some time for herself to think and test and finally designed and developed some covers to change the image of ostomy bags and make it more aesthetic and comfortable. She achieved to turn a medical need into an extension of the human body which fits to any clothing style.

Both adults and children have now the opportunity to have some fresh air in a difficult situation thanks to these covers for ostomy bags.

This project formally began just one year ago with Victor’s collaboration, who is a young nurse. He met María José as a patient and they became associates in a few days. They learnt the ins and outs of the business world. A puzzle opened before their eyes but they carried on with help from their friends and colleagues. They have been able to create not just a project but also a movement to contribute to change and improvement in every person who has an ostomy bag.


The Waiigo seeks to convey a sense of movement, dynamism, activity, vitality and freedom encouraging all people to have a positive attitude, get up and live to the fullest every day.

This project also intends to facilitate the acceptance of the bag in everyday life, minimizing the visual impact and making easier for each person to keep his and her dressing style at home and outdoors.

Technical aspects:

All covers are universal for both urostomy and colostomy. They can be used on both bags turning its appearance and shape into an ordinary fanny pack.

The cover can be placed and removed easily at any time thanks to its Velcro closure system. There is no need to empty the bag before or after the placement of the cover.

The size of the ring is also customizable thanks to length of the velcro and it can be adapted to  a minimum size of 17 mm up to a maximum size of 40 mm.

All covers are 100% cotton except denim which is 97% cotton. They ensure a gentle touch on the skin preventing irritation and redness.

Adapt the stoma to you.