Product information

The product descriptions offered by the waiigo correspond to the actual characteristics of the products and play an informative role. The waiigo provides customer service that will increase the information of the products offered, and clarify any doubts or disagreements that might arise during and after the sale.


Order methods

Users can place orders through our portal: They must ensure that they are fully authorized to use the credit card or payment account provided. Only people with the necessary legal capacity to sign contracts for the class of goods and services offered on this website may place orders with The waiigo. Data archived by the waiigo constitute proof of all transactions between the waiigo and its customers.

The waiigo will confirm within a maximum of 24 hours that your order has been registered.

The contractual information will be provided by The waiigo to the customer through the email address provided when ordering. The data provided will not be used for sending any alien information but the request made by the client without the express customer wish while placing the order, to receive updates and offers from



The product prices on display include all taxes applicable and the costs of preparation. The shipment price applies and shows once the order is added to the cart.

The calculation of shipping costs is made ​​based on a generic basis, plus the inclusion of each item.

The waiigo reserves the right to modify these prices, however, the products will be billed based on the rates in effect at the time of registering the order (provided there are no misprints and the product is in stock). In the event that these amendments entail the cancellation of the order/product or a refund to the buyer, the customer would be notified immediately via email, mobile phone or ordinary mail.

Product shipment will be made once the full payment of the product is confirmed, starting the process of shipment and notifying the order confirmation by e-mail to the costumer.

The Waiigo reserves the right to refuse any order from a partner with whom there is a dispute or has reasonable doubts about its legitimacy.


Product availability

The waiigo guarantees its users a minimum stock of each of the products that are available on the website, not being visible products out of stock or clearly informing of the lack of stock, avoiding confusion or error.

In case of any information or web error, while ordering a product, if this or various products are in that moment out of stock, once the order has been placed and before the end of the shipment process, the customer will be informed by e-mail or phone call about the cancellation or partial shipment of the order.

If at this moment the payment has already been made, The waiigo will refund all the corresponding amounts that the costumer has paid and will notify the costumer of it by e-mail. This refund will be satisfied using the same payment method that has been used by the customer while purchasing.



Payment for purchases can be made by credit card, Paypal or Gift Card. The amount of purchases will be charged to the customer's account after receiving the authorization conformation from the payment gateway. If a rejection of the bank or Paypal occurs, the order will be canceled automatically.

If the purchase is made without errors and the customer asks his bank to cancel the payment, the customer must compensate the waiigo for the damages incurred as a result of it, paying back the shipping and return of the product and any extra bank charges and shipments caused by such improper cancellation.