Manchas de Leopardo



Funda 100% de algodón

  • Compatible con urostomía, colostomía e ileostomía
  • Compatible con: Coloplast, Hollister, Convatec, Braun
  • El aro es adaptable de 17mm a 50mm
  • Tiene una discreta abertura para urostomías.


Entrega en 3-5 días laborales.

Por cada compra se destina 1€ a la fundación de ayuda Oncovallés.

Más detalles

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12,40 € impuestos incl.


15,50 € impuestos incl.

Más información

Technical characteristics:

  • Compatible with Colostomy, urostomy and ileostomy.
  • Compatible with: Coloplast, Hollister, ConvaTec Braun.


  • 100% cotton.
  • Soft and gentle touch like a shirt or a thin sheet.


  • 18cm wide x 22cm long.
  • Hole: Adaptable thanks to velcro. From 17mm to 40mm.
  • Weight : 13 grams


  • The 100% cotton respects the most sensitive skins.
  • It acts as a barrier between the plastic bag and the skinpreventing irritation and moisture.
  • Its Velcro closure system facilitates insertion and removal of the cover without opening or emptying the bags


You can combine them with all kinds of clothes: tight clothes, baggy suits, dresses, swimsuits, pajamas, etc. The combinations are endless!


They can be used at home or outdoors. They can be used in any life activity such as walking, going to the beach, shopping, practising sports, dining out…

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